It is always great and quite reassuring to know that the agency a therapist like me works with is just as concerned, if not more so, about the families we work with. I look forward to staying with KidsKare for years to come. They have a very large coverage area, yes they still treat every family as an individual, and devote their full time and energy to give worried parents the reassurance they need. Keep up the great work!

KidsKare saved me! The KidsKare office contacted me to remind me that my license was expiring. I work for many agencies and KidsKare was the only one that noticed this very crucial detail. I called the state licensing department and found that they mailed the paperwork to my old address. If I didn’t get the papers in on time my license would have lapsed and it would have been an extremely difficult and time consuming process to get it re-instated. I can’t thank the KidsKare support staff enough for being so diligent about their therapists’ files.

KidsKare literally saved my life. The office staff called to tell me that my annual physical was due. I have a very busy schedule and did not have the time to go to the doctor, but they told me without my annual physical I could not treat the children and they also told me that I should never be too busy to take care of myself, so I made an appointment. The doctor found something very serious, but because it was detected so early it was completely treatable. If KidsKare hadn’t insisted I see the doctor, who knows when it would have been discovered. Thank you to KindeKare for caring about their therapists. by dannyglix


Career Opportunities (for Therapists)

Qualified Therapists Are Always Welcome!

KidsKare prides itself in its most valuable resource – our therapeutic interventionists! We take pride in providing mentoring and supervision to our staff, and will assist you in receiving your certification as an Early Intervention Provider from New York State.

To download the PDFs of the Department of Health Application and Instructions, please click on the PDFs provided below.

Department of Health Application Agencies
DOH Application for Individual Therapist

KidsKare welcomes resumes sent via facsimile to: 516-565-2782, or you may send your resume via attachment to:

Please be sure and send us the following documents:

Three Letters of Reference
Recent Workshops
Child Abuse or Violence Prevention Workshop (or go to website)
Current License and Registration Certificate
Department of Health Letter of Certification as an EI Provider
Current Medical Physical, PPD (tine test)
Evidence of Hepatitis B and Tetanus Vaccination
Evidence of Immunization to Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR)

Also, a number of KidsKare documents must be completed in their entirety; see the Adobe PDF links below to download these documents.

KidsKare Application for Hire (.pdf)
State Central Registry Application (.pdf)

Child Find Information: If you suspect an infant or toddler has a disability or delay, or is at risk of having a disability, please refer to the information provided on our Child Find (.pdf).

For information on How to Recognize the Signs of a Clandestine Methamphetamine Lab, please click here (.pdf).

If you would like more information about employment opportunities at KidsKare Early Intervention Program, please click here to access a short form, print it out, and fill in all information. When completed, this form can be sent via facsimile to: 516-565-2782, or you may send it as an attachment to: Upon receipt, a customer service specialist will contact you.

KidsKare's Early Intervention Program is funded and regulated by the New York State Department of Health; in New York City, by the New York City Department of Mental Health and Mental Hygiene. In NYC, call 3-1-1 to refer a child to Early Intervention or the Totline telephone number at: (800) 577-2229. All authorized services, including service coordination, evaluations and therapy, may be provided at no cost to parents, regardless of insurance coverage; in Orange County, by the Orange County Department of Health; in Westchester County, by the Westchester County Department of Health; in Suffolk County, by the Suffolk County Department of Health; in Nassau County, by the Nassau County Department of Health. In Nassau County, any services provided are based on the child’s needs as determined by the County Early Intervention Program; an early intervention official will determine the location and provider of any needed services. The Early Intervention Program is a statewide program administered by the New York State Department of Health, and in Nassau County, by the Nassau County Department of Health. In Nassau County, all children under age three years who may need Early Intervention Services must be referred to the Early Intervention Program directly at: 516-571-3749 to refer a child to an Early Intervention Official. For elsewhere in NY State, you may call the Growing Up Healthy 24-Hour Hotline 1-800-522-5006. All information and forms provided on this website are proprietary, and reside under strict copyright protection, and may not be copied or used in any manner without the expressed written permission of KidsKare, LLC. The EARLY INTERVENTION PROGRAM and early intervention services available through the Early Intervention Program are for children less than three years of age who have or are suspected of having a developmental delay and/or disability. The EARLY INTERVENTION PROGRAM is a public program funded by New York State and county governments. All children must be referred to the municipality to access EARLY INTERVENTION PROGRAM services, including the municipal agency’s telephone number. KidsKare is approved as a provider of EARLY INTERVENTION PROGRAM services and under contract with the aforementioned municipalities to deliver EARLY INTERVENTION PROGRAM services. All services provided under the EARLY INTERVENTION PROGRAM are provided at no out-of-pocket cost to parents, but that health insurance may be accessed for reimbursement for early intervention services provided to eligible children and their families. Eligibility for the EARLY INTERVENTION PROGRAM can be determined only by State-approved evaluators under contract with the municipality. If a child is found eligible for the EARLY INTERVENTION PROGRAM, all needed early intervention services are identified in collaboration with the parent and must be authorized by the municipality. The municipality will arrange for service providers, considering the individual needs of the child and family, to deliver services authorized by the municipality. When early intervention services are delivered in child care settings or community locations that require a fee, the parent is responsible for paying any associated costs with such access to child care or community locations. Eligibility for the EARLY INTERVENTION PROGRAM can be determined only through a multidisciplinary evaluation conducted by a State-approved EARLY INTERVENTION PROGRAM evaluator under contract with the municipality, and that such evaluation must be obtained through a referral to the appropriate municipal agency responsible for local administration of the NYS EARLY INTERVENTION PROGRAM; if the parent objects to referral of the child to such municipal agency, the provider is obligated to maintain written documentation of the parent’s objection to the referral and actions taken to follow-up with the parent, provide the parent with the name and telephone number of the early intervention official, and within two months, follow- up with the parent and if appropriate, refer the child unless the parent objects, the municipality is responsible for arranging for delivery of services listed in an IFSP with an appropriate provider, in accordance with the individualized needs of the child and family. Selection of an evaluator to conduct the multidisciplinary evaluation of the potentially eligible child after the child has been referred to the municipality. KidsKare does not in any way engage in the following: request by the child’s parent(s) to the municipality for the provider to deliver EARLY INTERVENTION PROGRAM services to the child and family; a request by the family’s service coordinator, evaluator, or other EARLY INTERVENTION PROGRAM provider to the municipality for the provider to deliver EARLY INTERVENTION PROGRAM services to the child and family; payment, performance evaluations, or other awards or benefits for employees or subcontractors of State-approved EARLY INTERVENTION PROGRAM providers (i.e., payments or bonuses by an agency for its employees or subcontractors that are based on the number of referrals and/or services received).